VIP Lounge Los Cabos International Airport review

On my way home from a recent stay at Rancho Pescadero, I checked out the only lounge in my terminal at the Los Cabo Airport (SJD), which is the VIP Lounge. Spoiler alert, it did not feel VIP.

I was able to access the lounge because of my Priority Pass memberships, which is a benefit of my AMEX Platinum card. There was only 1 other person in line ahead of me and check-in was quick. The agent informed me that they had no water in the lounge, which I thought was odd. 

The lounge wasn’t very busy, which was surprising since I was flying home on a Sunday. There were plenty of seating options from couches to cafe tables and bar seating.

The lounge itself was modern, clean and well designed. It was sort of dark, which was relaxing after spending several days in the sun. The menus were plastered on the tables and were pretty limited. I had to flag a waiter down and when we asked to try all 4 of the available entrées, he said we were limited to only one per person. Then he said he will ask the kitchen to see what he can do. 

We ordered the empanadas, vegetarian ciabatta and pasta with tomato sauce.

Unfortunately, the food wasn’t very good. I noticed a lot of other people in the lounge had food from the food court outside, so my husband went to go get Subway sandwiches instead. 

It was definitely a more relaxing place to wait for our flight than the gate, but overall it wasn’t a great lounge. It felt like they were going for the bare minimum in every aspect of this lounge. 

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  1. I feel your comments are a bit harsh. You are not waiting in a fancy lounge in NYC, etc. It’s Mexico. We’ve been in there numerous times as San Jose del Cabo is a favorite destination for us. It’s quiet, clean, there are cocktails (free, by the way) and food bites. It’s a huge stepup from sitting in the main terminal with all the crowds. Just remember where you are traveling. We enjoy it every time.

    1. So sorry you got your feelings hurt because the author didn’t like the lounge as much as you did. Life is tough Karen.

  2. We go to the lounge frequently. We completely agree with your assessment. A couple years back, the menu and food was much better, no limitations on amount you want to eat or drink plus you could serve yourself food and good to the bar to get a drink. The food has never been impressive in taste.

    Delta should open up a lounge there and or all three major airlines partner together to have a true executive lounge/VIP. There is another VIP lounge in terminal 1 which is basically same rating “poor” in our opinion.

    The VIP lounge in Mexico City is slightly better for quality of food but the selection of food is much better there. They limit the amount of wine (3) and pours are only 3 oz each. That’s basically, two sips.

  3. The line was so long I couldn’t get in and the person said email the next time for a reservation but the handwriting was bad and the email bounced. Can you provide email to make a reservation.

  4. Too bad. When we went to California by Amtrack the lounge was nice and the food was good giving us many choices. The lounge was nothing super fancy but worth it

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