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I’m Alex, a San Francisco based jetsetter, foodie and dog dad.

 I started this blog for the discerning traveler looking for recommendations and reviews. 

Vacation time is precious ⎼ so getting a local restaurant recommendation, advice on maximizing credit card points or insider information about which hotel rooms are best ⎼ will make your trip more special.

I grew up traveling the US mostly by car – my dad recently crossed off visiting all 50 states! My international travel experience started in college when I went to Europe was for a five-month study abroad program in Madrid, Spain. I traveled to seven other countries on a shoestring budget and slept in more airports than I care to admit.

My wanderlust was matched when I met my partner, Jason, who is a modern day points guy and introduced me to life at the front of the plane. We’re constantly researching for our next adventure and haven’t always found recommendations and review sites to meet our exacting standards. I hope my blog meets yours. 

Happy travels,



Long weekends in Northern California wine country – I’m fortunate to live so close, and I love trying new wines while soaking up some sun. It’s the perfect weekend escape when San Francisco is foggy and cold. 

travel tip

Do your research before selecting seats on a plane – not all seats are created equal! I always check before selecting mine so I’m more comfortable and don’t end up in the dreaded windowless window seat.


Lately I’ve been crushing on a men’s resort wear brand called SMR Days – they offer chic, breathable, quality pieces. I like that I can even wear them around the city on warm days.


New York – It’s iconic and I’m drawn to the energy that runs through the city. Plus, as a foodie and broadway show lover – it’s the perfect place for me (just not during the winter months).

Enchantment Resort Main Pool – Sedona, AZ

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I work in tech and at the beginning of long emails, the author typically includes tl;dr, which means “too long;didn’t read.” It’s a quick synopsis of the longer email with the most important information for a reader who doesn’t have time to read the full text – you’ll find this handy segment at the top of most of my blog posts.

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I often find reviews that rate a service or experience out of 10 hard to quantify. What’s the difference between a 7/10 and 8/10? I think it’s most helpful to have a yes/no on whether or not I’d recommend this product/service/experience to friends and family. And that now includes you!

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The meatier review with helpful context, tips and nuggets of info I discovered. And of course, photo dumps.