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Pre-departure and boarding

As someone who appreciates order and timeliness, I was both surprised and impressed at the efficiency of Luftansa’s boarding process at SFO. I appreciated that first class passengers boarded first, followed by business class and then economy class. Surprisingly, this isn’t always the case and first class passengers often board with business class.

two glasses of champagne next to passport and wallet

First class product

The First Class cabin was beautiful and spacious – the colors and ambiance had a real understated luxury to it. To this day, I evaluate first class seats by the amount of windows per seat and in my seat on the upper deck of the A380 I had 4 windows all to myself. This was an unfathomable reality to a kid who grew up flying economy class. 

The crew was incredibly friendly and attentive throughout the flight. Shortly after getting settled they brought over the dining menus, amenity kit and pajamas. 

We really liked the afternoon departure from SFO for a few reasons. 

  1. We had ample time to experience the lounge at SFO before boarding
  2. There was reasonable timing to enjoy the full meal experience on board before getting some sleep
  3. We arrived in Europe the next morning at a reasonable time

Other than the four windows to myself, a fresh rose at my seat and ample storage for my belongings, the first indication I most impressed with the First Class Bathroom. There were two on each side of the cabin for 8 passengers so you rarely had to wait. I found it insane there were was a couch in the bathroom, check it out:

Onboard dining

About an hour after the flight took off, and I had changed into my very comfortable pajamas, meal service began. It started with the infamous caviar course, which was delicious.

Decadent is the only word that comes to mind when I think of the first class dining experience. One of the coolest parts was that Jason and I were able to enjoy some of the meal together by using the bench at his seat as my seat. From the mains to the scrambled-on-board eggs and freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, everything was sublime. I still remember being woken up to a gentle tap, a rose scented towel and my pre-ordered cafe americano, my preferred way of waking now. 😉

Ground experience

While there wasn’t any ground transportation upon arrival, we made the awkward trek out of the airport and to the Lufthansa First class Terminal. It’s an entire terminal completely decided to passengers flying First Class.

When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff who checked on ongoing flight and passports and escorted us through private security. We were given a tour of the massive terminal and all the amenities available to use during our layover – a fully stocked bar, gummy bear bar, extensive European wine selection, sit-down restaurant, cigar bar, bathrooms with showers/oversized tubs and rooms with full sized beds to nap. This is also where I acquired my first Lufthansa First Class Terminal rubber duck. Yes, I have now become a person who covets a rubber duck. 

Naturally, I settled into the restaurant and promptly ordered a schnitzel. The only way to properly start a layover in Germany in my opinon. Apres schnitzel we were so happy to have a fresh shower with Etro bath products. Who knew Etro made bath products? They smelled amazing.

Packing tip: be sure to bring a long at travel size face moisturizer and hair product if you plan to shower on arrival. My main toiletry bag was in my checked luggage so I packed a mini toiletry bag for our layover. 

When it was time to board our flight to Athens, a staff member found us and escorted us to the lower level where our ride to the plane awaited. First Class passengers are driven to the plane in either a Mercedes or Porsche vehicle. I felt like royalty and it was so cool to be on the tarmac. Check it out:

two men standing in front of an airplane

Once we reached our plane we were guided up a flight of stairs and joined our fellow passengers right at the plane door where we were shown our seats. It was an unforgettable experience and I can’t wait to fly Lufthansa First Class again!

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