Inside the Studio at Centurion New York by American Express in Manhattan

I thought readers might be curious to learn a bit more about Centurion New York by American Express since it recently opened and there are a lot of rumors about what exactly it is. There are multiple spaces that make up Centurion and this post will highlight the casual dining option called the Studio. I previously posted a first look at the fine dining space, the Gallery, which you can read here.

The Studio

My husband, Jason, ate at the Studio during a recent trip to New York, and I’ve included a snapshot of his visit below. The studio is casual, lighter fare dining option that is open to centurion card members and their guests. The Studio space itself looks nearly identical to the Gallery minus the white table clothes. This is how American Express characterizes the space:

  • Casual and lite fare at the Studio –  Reservations Centurion members only
    • Seasonal and market driven menu constantly evolving
    • 4 large scale seasonal changes

Jason went for lunch, so here are some photos of the food and beverage lunch menus, which are entirely different from the Gallery.

The dishes had a great presentation, a flair of creativity and tasted delicious. The white “vegetable” in the salad below is actually cheese.

a plate of salad with cheese and vegetables
Hearts of palm & herb salad


Service was exceptional and the views from the space were just as incredible during the day as they are at night. This is definitely a location to return to and at a much more reasonable price point.

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