Don’t go on a trip without these travel essentials

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Here are my 10 travel must haves I pack before every trip!

EltaMD UV Sport Suncreen

When we’re headed somewhere warm or really any destination, I always make sure to pack sunscreen. It’s usually insanely expensive to buy sunscreen at the airport or hotel shop and it’s a rarity that hotels provide complimentary sunscreen these days. My dermatologist recommended this sunscreen to me (so it may not be right for you) and I love it! It’s mineral-based but applies really smoothly and doesn’t leave me looking pasty white. I like that they have a TSA-friendly size if I’m just planning to carry on or a larger size if I’m checking a bag.

Anker portable charger

My type-a personality won’t let me leave the house without being prepared for a total electronic battery drain. I combat that fear with the Anker portable charger, which is slim and lightweight. I feel a lot more comfortable with this in my bag when my iPhone battery starts to die!

Bose QuietComfort wireless headphones

I take these headphones on every short and long haul flight – I think they’re known in the travel industry to be one of the best noise-cancelling headphones available, and I’m willing to throw my name behind it now. They’re comfortable (even after being over your ears for a long time), and I’m impressed with how much airplane noise it minimizes. They’re great for when you need to focus and get work done or when you want to get some shut eye on an international flight.

Filson 48-hour duffel

This is my go-to travel bag. I love it for weekend trips up to wine country but also for a carry-on bag for flights. It’s built of tough water-resistant material that I think will only look better over time. It has so many pockets, and I love how easy it is to stow my phone, ticket and passport in the front pocket during TSA, so I don’t have to unzip and zip things back up. Plus, it’s got a strap on the back so it’s easy to secure on top of your wheeled luggage.

Comfortable sneakers

I am firmly in the camp that you should not wear open-toed shoes on the airplane… gross! I’ve started wearing my Common Project sneakers because they’re super comfy and look good with just about anything. Vejas or any other white sneaker will do the trick, just make sure you’re comfortable in case you need to book it across the terminal to your connecting flight!

Cash for tipping

The art of tipping is dying. It can be confusing when and how much you’re supposed to tip hotel staff or when it’s already included. I usually carry a small amount of low denomination bills so that if we valet the car or a bellperson helps us with our luggage we can tip them accordingly.

Apple AirTag and leather key ring

Inevitably, I end up unpacking my entire bag in front of my front door looking for my keys after every trip. They’re not always easy to find so I’ve attached the new Apple AirTag to my keys. I know if they’re in my bag or if I left them at the hotel in Mexico… whoops! Guess we have to go back to get them 😉

My OV adjustable face mask

I have gone through quite a few masks to find the one I like best and I finally found it!! This mask from outdoor voices is made from athletic material, can be washed and is so comfortable. I always bring a backup in case I lose one or it gets gross before I can wash it. I’m not about that mask-ne life!

UE Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

I love traveling with this guy – it’s a small but powerful bluetooth speaker that puts me in control of the tunes on our trips. It’s waterproof, so I can bring it into the bathroom for getting ready, soaking the bath tub or hanging by the pool.

Handheld travel steamer

This is a newer addition to my bag since I’ve started the blog and want to look more presentable in photos, but I think anyone can benefit from putting this travel steamer in their bag. Some luxury resorts charge almost $10 per item to be pressed so I think this purchase is a no-brainer.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about these items or have any suggestions to add to the list. I’m constantly looking to optimize my travel routine!

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