Delta Sky Club at SFO review


Delta now operates out of terminal 2 at SFO, but their lounge is located near their C gates, which used to be Terminal 1. It was a quick walk after security, and I arrived a little after 7am for my 830am flight to Los Angeles. I had access since I was flying business, but even if I was flying economy my American Express Platinum would have given me access. 

There were 3 parties ahead of me, but the staff was efficient and checked everyone in quickly. The elevator was broken, so I took two flights of stairs to get to the lounge on the mezzanine level. A lot of passengers left their rollers on the entrance level, which was a tad unsightly.


The lounge is spacious and filled with light thanks to the large windows overlooking the runway. There are a lot of of seating options – lounge chairs for lounging, tables for eating, and workstations if you need more of a desk setup.

The bathrooms are located toward the back of the lounge and were very clean. They used to carry Malin and Goetz products (my favorite!), but during this visit they had “Purell healthy soap.” I assume this was a pandemic-related change.

Food and beverage

The buffet was extensive with a lot of both cold and hot options like fruit, cereal, egg and cheese omelets and sausage. The coffee was Starbucks, which was just okay. I would love for Delta (and most other airlines) to up their coffee game and support a local coffee shop. I was, however, pleasantly surprised they had almond milk on offer.


This is one of my favorite lounges at SFO – it’s spacious, not super crowded and always has a decent buffet. I also love that my American Express Platinum card grants me access no matter what class I’m traveling in that day. As a self-proclaimed coffee snob, I wish they used local beans for a more elevated morning drinks bar.

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