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We stayed here in 2017 but it’s been one of our favorite boutique hotel stays that I wanted to highlight it

Getting there

After a short 25 minute AgeanAir flight from Athens we arrived at the very small Santorini island airport. When we exited the airport, we didn’t see our pre-arranged driver with a Cavo Tagoo sign but when we phoned the hotel they said the driver was on his way. He arrived about 15 minutes later and drove us along a scenic route to the property. Airport transfers were included in the rate, which I appreciated. 


This luxury boutique hotel fits the Grecian aesthetic of white washed walls and minimalistic design. And the views are out of this world. It’s a small two-story hotel with about 20 rooms and we booked one with a private pool so we were on the lower level. The only design flaw we found was that the upper rooms with balconies look directly onto the lower rooms with pools so they lacked privacy when your upstairs neighbors were using (read: smoking on) their balcony. Our suite had a separate bedroom and living area, a generously sized bathroom with really cool copper sinks and local Greek amenities. We spent most of our time on the very spacious balcony and in our private pool. The pool had a deck with a sun bed, which was great for lounging and casual eating. The balcony also had an overhang with a table and sofa that provided shade when it got too hot in the sun.

I’d be curious to check out their honeymoon suite, which appears to have the largest pool and is at the end of the row so might be a little more private.

We found the splurge for a room with a pool totally worth it. We had the chance to use the main pool when we wanted more of a social scene and fun music, but we could escape to our room in the afternoon for more quiet dips in the pool.

Back at the main pool, we loved the loungers were on wooden planks that jet into the pool. Our favorite one was to the far right of the pool right by bar… here’s a photo: 

Cavo Tagoo Santorini Planely Alex

We also found out that if you asked nicely they could reserve your favorite spot for the next morning – so we started doing that for our favorite spot.

The food on property was delicious and exactly what we were looking for – fresh tomato and feta salads, great fish and delicious cocktails. Since we were staying several days, we liked there was a a variety of food options like a Japanese restaurant to mix it up.

A fair warning

For our evening in Oia, the hotel arranged transportation to drop us off at the highest point in Oia so we could then walk down to the restaurant for dinner. When we asked about getting back to the resort after dinner the front desk agent recommended having the restaurant arrange a taxi after our meal. After dinner we did just that and our server phoned a taxi. Eventually a taxi came about 25 minutes later to pick us up and to our surprise he was also picking up another couple. We would have been fine with that had the inconvenience stopped there. But it didn’t.

About 10 minutes into the drive, the taxi driver tells us his car is breaking down. Conveniently, his friend that owns a bus carrying other tourists was nearby and can drop us off at our hotel. We asked him to call another taxi driver for us but insisted we had to take the bus. We confirmed with the bus driver that they were going to make a stop at Cavo Tagoo and he did. But now we were on a mini-bus with about 40 other passengers and made 2 other stops before getting to Cavo Tagoo. We were shocked when the bus driver expected us to pay the same fare as quoted for the private taxi driver. Jason was able to negotiate him down to a more reasonable rate for this shared ride when we arrive at our hotel.

This is one of the first times I have felt taken advantage of as a tourist and it didn’t feel good. Ultimately, I’m glad we made it back to our hotel safely, but I wish there had been it had been a more seamless experience. I’ve heard other hotels give guests phones to call when they’re ready to be picked up so think that would have been a better option in hindsight.


We really debated staying in Oia because the hotel Mystique looks stunning (plus we love the Luxury Collection hotel portfolio) and Oia gets a lot of the spotlight on Santorini. The bottom line is that Oia is insanely touristy so it’s worth a visit for sunset and dinner at Amoudi Bay but wouldn’t recommend staying there. We had amazing views of the ocean from the main property and our room. Santorini is an expensive island and we felt like we got a great value at Cavo Tagoo from the service, the room with our own private pool and the delicious food. It was a Grecian dream!

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