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I want to preface this review by saying we are huge fans of Amangiri – I’d go as far to say it is our favorite property in the US and potentially in the world. You can read my full review of the main resort to learn why. Needless to say, we were excited when Amangiri announced they were opening a new luxury tented camp on property.

We stayed at Camp Sarika in July 2020 and were actually some of the first guests because the pandemic pushed back from the opening from April to July. Surprisingly, we didn’t like it and after spending one night at the camp we moved back to our room at Amangiri for the rest of our stay.

Camp Sarika check-in and common space

Camp Sarika is located on the same property as Amangiri and is only a five-minute drive or 25 minute walk from the original resort. The main building at Camp Sarika houses the check in area, lounge and dining room. Right next door is the pool and a small spa with several treatment rooms. It was striking how pared down it felt compared to the Aman Spa at Amangiri, which has a lot more amenities. I’d imagine most guests would prefer that spa over the one at Camp Sarika. Camp Sarika as a whole felt like “Amangiri light” and not a lot of wow factor.

In my opinion, the pool at Camp Sarika was a complete miss from a design perspective. It’s a fenced in pool next to a mesa that felt like it was towering over it rather than giving you the opportunity to admire its beauty. The fence really takes away any sense of being one with the landscape and there really isn’t the same wow factor as the main pool at Amangiri.

Additionally, the walking path from the main area to our pavilion was all dirt and wasn’t lit up at night but each room comes with a flashlight and a golf cart to help you get around. The front desk will also come pick you up if you’d like to be driven. At the rates they charge and clientele they attract, I was laughing imagining some guests struggling to make this trek in their designer stilettos 😂

Camp Sarika pathway to pavilions

Camp Sarika Pavilions (luxury tents)

Camp Sarika consists of 10 Pavilions – 2 two-bedroom pavilions and 8 one-bedroom pavilions. The interior layouts are pretty much the same and have an indoor living room, dining room and a lot of outside seating. They also all have a generously sized outdoor plunge pool. We did notice a pretty significant difference in terms of privacy based on the location of the tent and were really happy we chose the most private option, the one-bedroom private canyon pavilion (#8). Other pavilions and their outdoor space could be seen easily from the main walking path and hiking trails.

Overall, the rooms are thoughtfully designed, high-tech and nicely appointed… I think I might be a camper now 😜

It was pretty spectacular to take a plunge in the pool and look up at the soaring mesa, all to yourself.

This was our first luxury tent experience and while I couldn’t point out anything drastically wrong with our room, Jason and I both felt like it didn’t compare to the suites at the main property. Plus, this pavilion was more expensive.

Camp Sarika dining

Just like Amangiri, the food at Camp Sarika is included in the rate and guests have access to the restaurant at the main property as well. At Camp Sarika, the chef curates a new dinner menu each day that is served family style, which we found on the nose for “camping” but limiting in terms of options. While the staff will literally make you whatever you want, we didn’t find the menu particularly inspiring or what you’d expect with the price you’re paying per night. Something doesn’t feel right about eating a simple chicken fajita when you’re paying over $3000 per night. 🤔

Considerations: Amangiri versus Camp Sarika

The main resort at Amangiri is stunning. It is the epitome of building a hotel around a landscape versus on top of it, and felt like an architectural and design feat. I think Camp Sarika may be the most luxurious tented camp available right now but somehow it still fell flat. It lacks a wow factor and doesn’t actually offer guests of Amangiri anything different they can’t get at the main property. Not to mention, prices for pavilions at Camp Sarika are more expensive than a suite at Amangiri.

This biggest advantage of Camp Sarika is the two-bedroom suites, which gives guests more common space and a private pool as opposed to a conjoined room at Amangiri. I think Camp Sarika could be a great option for a family traveling with kids or even two families traveling together. Other than that, I would almost always recommend Amangiri over Camp Sarika. Plus, as a guest of either property you have access to all the facilities so you can always pop down for a meal at Camp Sarika to check it out.

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