Inside the Studio at Centurion New York by American Express in Manhattan

a city skyline with tall buildings

I thought readers might be curious to learn a bit more about Centurion New York by American Express since it recently opened and there are a lot of rumors about what exactly it is. There are multiple spaces that make up Centurion and this post will highlight the casual dining option called the Studio. I […]

A first look at Centurion New York

a table set for a dinner with a view of a city

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the opening of Centurion New York by American Express, and earlier this week I wrote a post about what it is, who can access Centurion New York and how to make a reservation. I’m jealous to report that my partner, Jason, dined at Centurion New York on […]

Centurion New York opens this week

New York, New York

What is it? This is American Express’ first foray into a club/lounge outside of an airport, and I am excited to report it opens this week, Thursday March 9th. American Express has partnered with Michelin-star chef Daniel Boulud to create various restaurants and spaces open for lunch and dinner. My husband and I secured a […]